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Jonny Andrews

Part-time Comedian
Full-time Internet Marketer

It is hard to figure out if Jonny is an Internet Marketing legend or lunatic but he seems to have the make money online thing down. Keep-it-simple-stupid appears to be his motto and he is always entertaining.

Income Automation System
Johnny Andrews' newest (late 2010) system that is as close to fully automated as you can get.
Click the link above to watch a webinar of the system.

Underground Money Buttons
Not just another Internet Marketing (IM) course. It is a complete traffic and sales system. He walks you through the program step by step. If you are brand new to the IM world, this is probably the type of thing you are looking for. Learning the tricks-of-the-trade, for making money online, is one thing but having to implementing all of the techie stuff is another thing altogether. Jonny turns it into a simple process.

Money Siphon System
In this course he teaches you several different methods (siphons) for getting started online with raw search engine traffic. He goes over a few places where you can setup a webpage for free and get started immediately. Some of the supplemental (extra) videos are pretty cool and open up the door to endless opportunities. The one on “sell a freaking tractor” should give you a lot of ideas outside of the traditional Internet Marketing box.

Affiliate Assassin
In this one Jonny Andrews covers his techniques on using some of the new social media sites to find groups of people interested in what you have to say and what you have to sell (even if you are just an affiliate). You may already frequent some of these sites but he has some pretty cool concepts on how to make a presence there without being considered a spammer. The course also covers some of the more traditional methods of internet marketing.


Mistakes to be Avoided with Affiliate Marketing

Introduction: Many people are getting indulged in affiliate marketing due to its potential in helping them to earn fat commissions. Popularity of this form of marketing is mainly due to the meteoric rise in Internet based sales. This in turn, has driven the needs of Internet marketing. Thus, more and more people are attracted towards this type of marketing but not all of them are becoming successful. You should know the various reasons behind their failure before jumping into this field.

Factors: Various factors such as the content of a website, its reach, search engine ranking and other attributes can influence its success. Most people tend to focus on the different methods of promoting their websites but neglect the other important factors. The following are a few of the various mistakes which are committed by most affiliates. You must avoid these if you want to become a successful affiliate.

1. Poor quality of website content: Many websites are designed only for attracting web based traffic. The owners of such websites show little concern on the content. The layout and the actual content are often neglected by the website owner who tends to focus only on the advertisement related revenue. Even if they are able to divert some amount of web traffic towards their websites, this strategy doesn’t work in the long run. This is because, if the content of the website is not effective, it is not going to hold attention of Internet users for much time.

Furthermore, good effort in research while putting out good quality content needs to be combined with use of relevant keywords. This is very important because only with the smart use of keyword terms can the website owners hope to rank high in the search engine listings. If you want your website to rank higher in the search engine listings, you can make use of various Internet based tools such as Google Insights which will give you an idea about which keywords related to a particular product were searched most by Internet users during a particular time duration.

2. Neglecting importance of Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is an important factor which can’t be ignored by any Internet user who wants to popularize his or her website. It consists of certain methods which help in higher search engine listing of a particular product. This helps the website owner reach out and maximum number of potential customers. Those who neglect search engine optimization tend to lose out on the potential customers which can directly affect their sales in a big way.

3. Failure to get hold of various trends in the market: Today, the market is dynamic and changes very rapidly. One product which is popular today might lose its popularity to a competitor. Thus, it is very important that the affiliate changes as the marketplace changes. Once established, many people tend to become complacent and stop making efforts to adapt to the changes in market and tend to lose the revenues related to affiliate marketing.

The following article is an example of someone that does not have the make money online business figured out. Although eBay and blogging are straightforward ways to make money, they are not the only ways (and absolutely not the best ways).

PS - Jonny's stuff has nothing to do with eBay or traditional blogging.

How to Make Money Online

(While this author appears to be sincere, this is not the best of advice.)

Are you currently unemployed and search for an easy way to make money right from your living room? For further information contact us at “Phone/Website”. These are the exact same words you have read more than eighty times a day when you were looking for something to do and maybe even get paid to do it. There were times when you thought this ad was written for you personally. Maybe many of us did at some point. Now I am firmly convinced that the only ways you can actually get some money online without felling like an insignificant part of an ambiguous system are on eBay & company or my personal favorite: blogging

Many online opportunities which start with the appealing phrase 'you can make a regular working month’s payment in about a week only by spending a few hours in front of your laptop' are about compromising personal integrity. Promoting a product for money. In other words, forcing something into your mentality just because it is easier to think there is no other alternative. The fact that you have to simply like something for a period of time and spread this ‘liking‘ like a virus can be a huge downer for the little voice inside your head and you have to agree that in the long run no money is worth that. Nobody wants to mess with his or her inner self that knows the basics: slow down with compromising.

Instead: no inspired motto, no catchy tunes, no one trying to give a deeper meaning to your everyday life, just a bunch of people searching for some really odd belongings of others. It is just as simple as that. Online auction is hard to beat, however my all time favorite is blogging. It’s all about good old creativity and a hint of ego. A cent for a thought. Sometimes it seems like bloggers form their own town with their always written rules and 21st century civilization. Although blogging can be a way of getting paid, I don’t think anybody has ever started a web log, writing thoughts about the girl they met on the subway or the smell of the cookies their grandmother baked, as a way to pay their bills. There is this other side of blogging (and this is actually what you are paid for to do): when you get paid to write on certain given subjects but with the emphasis is on your personal opinion. Well, it totally depends on you what you are going to do with a title that you may not even understand at first. As I said: there are no limits to your thoughts and it is a great feeling when you start writing the first two paragraphs on a theme you thought was impossible to come up with any variation on.

Yes, it might take much more time than you first imagined it would and it may be harder than just a part time job and a few hours spent just like you regularly would in front of the PC but it is the most fascinating work I can think of: seeing the reflection of your ideas on paper (or monitor). With the proper amount of advertising which is necessary with no exceptions if you want to sell something you can have the world’s almost greatest job online. I encourage you all to try it.

Link Building – Available Options For SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique with the help of which you can give more and more exposure to your online business. When we talk about search engine optimization, many different things come into our mind such as keywords, meta tag, title tags, and content. However, in this piece of writing, we will be specifically emphasizing on one of the important of parts of SEO which is link building. Let’s look at some simple yet effective SEO link building techniques which you can apply in order to attract more visitors to your website from different online resources.

I have distributed SEO link building techniques in three different categories which are: one way links, two ways links and three way links.

One Way Links
One way linking is the simplest and best SEO link building technique which you can apply in order to attract visitors from different authentic and reputable sources. In order to apply one way SEO link building techniques, all you have to do is, write some informational and readable content and submit it to different online website with the link back of your own website. Once the reader goes through your content, if he/she find your content attractive and informational, then he/she can be directed towards your website with the help of the link that would be posted with your submitted article. And most importantly your site gets a one-way SEO backlink.

Two Way Links
Next is two way links. These types of links are also called reciprocal links, which means there is exchange of links from both sides; one will be of your own website and the second will be someone else's site (hopefully on a different IP address). The website should be related in their subject manner whenever possible. Too many reciprocal links may actually hurt your search engine ranking. The best way to judge this is to do it naturally. If you have a site on dog training it would be perfectly normal to link to exchange links with a few dog food and other pet related sites. But exchanging links with tons of site that are not related to your niche is probably not a good idea.

Three Way Links
These days, this type of SEO link building is all in vogue. While this type of linking is typically better than two way links, do not think that the search engines algorithms can not pick up the footprint of a link wheel. In general terms, 3 ways linking means there are 3 sites are inter-linked with one another in a cycle like 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd and the cycle again rotates in such a way that the 3rd is linked with the 1st one. Just like with two way linking it is safest to do this in moderation and focus most of your efforts on your one way linking campaigns.

Above mentioned these are some simple yet effective SEO link building techniques which you can apply for attracting more visitors to your website from different resources.


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